Workorounds on a Reference Letter

I was working at a successfull start-up about a year ago within a team, which was working on an innovative project. I really can’t miss this opportunity to showcase this project as it would make my application stronger. The problem is the person who could sign the LOR for me is also applying for a tech nation Visa. Chances are that could be a reason for not signing a LOR for me and I may not find another person.
What could be a workaround here? I can show a contract, but it doesn’t prove I was in that particular team and my impact for the project.

I don’t think signing a LOR for you will be an issue. You can wait for him to apply and get result before you apply. I have seen teams from same startup applies and all got endorsement.

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Wow! Great news! So they had to wait till each of them receives a result? I managed to find the team lead. He is not working at the company right now and is not C level. Would that be okay?
I am afraid it would be too much time to wait and the person may change his mind to sign the LOR…

@Augusta There is no limit to the persons from the same company applying. I think you should explain to him in a friendly way. Don’t wait too long, you will never know what will happen. Take your step now.

Also, there are many assessors reading hundreds of applications daily, there is a low chance that the assessor will be the same person.

If you think positively, you guys may even share similar thoughts and internal connections to achieve the same goal. But don’t copy&paste from each other. As long as both of you are not faking any, both of you are good to qualify.

Thanks! I totally agree. Unfortunately his agent convinced him that his signature on my LOR would put a risk on his application…that’s weird. I’ll be looking into other options.

You don’t need to use someone who is not comfortable recommending you. You can use someone else senior in the organisation who can attest to your significant impact.

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Agree with @Francisca_Chiedu

Additional tips: In case, if you are not as close to them to comfortability ask for an LoR, take a friendly approach, offer some help, and ask for his help. Perhaps you can walk them through the time-consuming process. I hope you understand what I mean.

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You may encounter people who are hesitant to endorse you for various reasons, but don’t be discouraged. Keep exploring alternative options. This is simply part of the process.

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