Will tech nation consider andela worker

Hi all,

I have a friend who works as a machine learning engineer for a product-led company via Andela. She has done a lot for the company, and has even been assigned to tasks not part of her KPI, like interviewing people to bring them into the company. She is wondering whether to even bother applying due to the “no outsourcing rule”. I don’t really know the advise to give her.

Can she go ahead to apply, or join another company as an employee before applying (which will take about 1 year)? Will tech nation still be available by next year? Also, I see that there is a rule of exception for some outsourcing firms if the field is niche. What does this mean? does this cover AI?.

Please help with your opinion

No freelance or outsourcing, she must work for a product led company and as far as tech nation being available next year we won’t know until probably later this year.

No outsourcing rule is correct but I don’t think she should rule herself out. Outsourcing will be clear if it was in consulting companies, but if Andela is still currently considered as a tech company, then it may work. Also, she worked for a product-led company which will allow her to be able to share relevant product-led type of work that TechNation will be looking for.
Machine learning is also a very attractive field which can make her application stronger. I will say she should try, provided she has other requirements to make her whole application a strong one!

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