Wikipedia articles as part of evidence

Hi Tech Nation fam, this is a bit embarrassing for me to ask, only because some people might judge me for boasting, however, given this is the best platform to ask anything related to Tech Nation Global visa, hence, reaching out to you.

Several of my works/positions have be referred or mentioned in different Wikipedia articles. Can I show this as part of the evidence during my application? And if so, how to put them in the evidences’ section so that it is appropriate?

In my opinion, I think you should use mostly news websites. Since LinkedIn and medium posts are not recognized, Wikipedia evidence may be an issue. However, I think you can add it to your list of other media mentions you have.

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Thank you for the suggestion. Yes, I was also thinking of providing a mix of Wikipedia articles and news links together to go hand in hand. However, now my question is: how to arrange them? Any suggestion? Should I take screenshots and then also include the links of the articles and news in one document as part of the same evidence? (Not sure how to arrange them properly)

Do screenshots of the main media and add links to the articles. If you have enough for three pages just say something like, see additional links. But put the most important links from recognized websites at the top. Write a bit about each screenshot and the media publisher (the audience they cover). “Also note that evidence of media recognition should include details about the publication and target audience. LinkedIn or Medium are not considered sufficient as evidence.”

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Thank you for your reply on this. I will keep this in mind while arranging the screenshots and links.