When does application moved from submitted to being reviewd

I submitted my application last week Wednesday. 1st of March
How do I know when my application is being reviewed

You’ll get an email from HO saying that “Your application has been referred to Tech Nation”. From that point onwards, you can assume that TN will review your submissions.

This email confirms that your Tech Nation Visa application has been successfully submitted.

1 Mar 2023 23:02 (WAT)‍

Tech Nation is only able to process your application if the Home Office have informed us that you have also completed your application for endorsement on the Gov.uk website. If you have not done this, please see here.

Do I have to do anything? Is the final step for me to wait after submitting

You don’t have to do anything! Probably you’ll get an email from HO in a few days.

Hi! I submitted my application on February 28th and it still hasn’t been edited/reviewed, but I did see someone submit it on February 27th and get endorsed already!

@Anand Do you know if there is an order to which they review applications?

What does edited/reviewed mean? How does one know when application is being edited/reviewed

@Salmaa_Elshanshory I’m not sure about the order of the applications being reviewed. Did you get any email from HO saying your application is referred to TN?

Navigate to My applications in TN portal and select “List view”, you would see “Last Edited” column.

I did :slight_smile: Ya I’m not sure TBH but hoping there is a logic to the submission order. Let me know if you have any insights