What examples could be more suitable as evidence for exceptional ability in the field by academic contributions or through research?

As part of the application it mentions that (iv) at least 2 examples of exceptional ability in the field by academic contributions, or through research endorsed by an expert.

I am providing the following evidences:

  1. Link to my Google Scholar profile and also link on Google Scholar that proves that I am one of the top 10 researchers for my specific field of research. https://scholar.google.co.in/citations?user=KaCa2MgAAAAJ
  2. Endorsement letter from my PhD supervisor and another from a professor, who is very reputed in the world in the same field.
  3. Links to research presentation scheduled in top academic conferences for my field such as DATE, ASAP, etc.

Are the aforementioned evidences fine for the above criteria?

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@somdipdey Wahoooh, you have a very nice Google Scholar profile. It is more than enough to clear the academic contribution criteria. I used my Google Scholar link too and got endorsed. All the best.

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Dope, buddy. Thank you so much for confirming and congratulations on getting endorsed! BTW should I put the links in a word document and submit that as part of the application?