What do I need to start this process?

Hello Everyone,

I am looking to begin my application and it is a bit overwhelming for me. I have tried to read up different posts but clarity has been a big issue for me.

I just need to know what to do preferable step by step.

Would be great to get help.

Thank you

Start with the Tech Nation Visa Guide. It will likely take you 1 hour to read.
Then read it a second time, this time taking notes of the items relevant to you. https://technation.io/visa-tech-nation-visa-guide/

Also, check on Youtube. A number of videos are on there of people sharing their experiences. We have also interviewed a number of people at some of eMigr8 Open Days focused on Tech Nation Visa.

This Forum is better suited for specific questions, once you have done your research.

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@badesemowo Thank you so much for this and your time.

Will work on this. Really appreciate.

Thank you

In addition to @badesemowo, you may also have a look at this. It’s a free information directory service that I’m currently building featuring resources for applying for the Global Talent Visa. Articles, videos, discussion posts, and example successful applications are among the resources available, and they come from both official and unauthorized sources.