What could be the evidence as an employee in an AI start-up for OC1

OC1 proof of innovation seems suits CEOs or founders since loads of evidence is not very accessable for an employee. and ofc the success of a company is mostly recognised for founders work. So I am wonder what can an employee use as evidence?

The example evidences on the guideline and I have commented what evidence i can have or not accordingly:

  1. salary info.
  2. sales info includes customer numbers in each country. (My CTO doesn’t want to expose this)
  3. financial projections and audited account (I don’t think i can access either. but Funding raised over 200+ millon by softbank is written in public articles. Can this be one evidence?)
  4. Patents (i don’t have one unfortunately)
  5. evidence of innovation/product development, proof of product in market, and associated traction thru revenue.
  • we have internal month email regarding what big deals we closed, to show we do have made money out of it. Or deals mentioned company’s blogs on website. Is this an acceptable evidence>?

  • Products listed on websites. Is this an acceptable evidence>?

  • CTO also cannot share revenue

Of course I will have a document that I will show a diagram/explannation of the system and which part of it is my work/research/contribution to this product. and code as well.

Could you guys let me know if the evidence mentioned above can be eligible and also what else could i add on? Many thanks.

Also how do I prove it’s innovation? does it just mean an AI production or it has to be an AI production that no one else has? e.g. Face recognition and object detection and self driving vechles have been on the market for quite a while. are they still considered as innovation?

To demonstrate innovation in OC1, you should provide a document that explains your innovation and includes supporting evidence such as screenshots, a detailed explanation of the process, and any other relevant details. Also important to include validation attesting to your innovation, such as patent, a letter from your employer.

Innovation is showcased by solving a problem in a unique way that is not already present in the market. For example, if your innovation is a new method for making a product that is more efficient than current methods, this could be considered innovative. E g a new technological process for recycling plastic that is more efficient than existing ones. Rule of thumb: is the way I’ve done this currently existing in the ecosystem or not?

Supporting evidence such as cost savings, increased production, or other positive impact can be used to strengthen your claim, but they cannot be considered innovation on their own. OC1 focuses on aspects of innovation and not impact, even though impact can make a strong point, but it’s not enough without the innovation itself.


Hi you said to demonstrate innovation in OC1, you should provide a document that explains your innovation. Just wondering if the document should be the LOR. I.e a leading expert recommending you based on your innovation or an innovative project you’re working on?

LOR is separate from evidence for OC1. You’ll need to show detailed description of your innovation in the best possible representation: diagrams, design, and so on. You can look at how patents are structured and draw inspiration from this.