Wanting to clarify what is needed for OC

In the OC section I’m a little bit confused as to what is required;

" * At least 2 unique documents showing you are recognised as either a leading talent or potential talent (see Mandatory Criteria) and at least 4 unique documents showing you have any two of the other necessary skills (see Optional Criteria). You cannot use the same piece of evidence for more than one criteria."

“Documents that will be considered as acceptable evidence include (please provide more than one piece of evidence. The list below contains suggestions – other types of documents can be submitted):”

So, the way I understand it is that I need 4 documents - or 4 opportunities, to show 2 of the OC requirements. Within these 4 documents I need to have more than one piece of evidence (this can be various things like screenshots?) and these pieces of evidence need to be within 3 pages.

I currently have 3 unique documents with evidence that would fall under ONE OC criteria, if I’m correct in my thinking and I need a 4th that would fall under one more OC criteria…is this thinking right?

Thank you for your time

Your question is confusing. This is what I know, applicants who have enough evidence typically submit up to 10 evidence using the 4:3:3 or 3:4:3 or 3:3:4.
If you have up to for mandatory criteria then use it am ensure each piece of evidence is not more than 3 pages. You can then submit 3 evidence in each of the optimal criteria

Hi @Francisca_Chiedu how are you doing ? I created a topic and tagged you for guidance. I was hoping you can please respond to it. Thank you