Visa valid from the date you plan to arrive in the Uk

Please confirm that visa would be issued to be valid from the date you mentioned your plan to arrive in the Uk or the date you would be submitted passport and biometric?

Thank you.

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Visa starts from the date you mentioned during the application.

It should be but in reality, it depends on whim and mood of case worker. You can challenge if you want but it would be a lengthy process. We have plent of examples of both cases i.e. where intended arrival date considered and not considered.

Validity is a relative term. If you want to travel using visa i.e leave to enter, you must have visa i.e permission to enter to show at the port. So for that purpose validity is from when it is issued till end date. For the he purpose of counting continuous residence, it is different. When an application for an entry clearance reaches to caseworker, normally one receives an email that application is received and under consideration. That day, technically the start of the period called entry clearance being granted which ends when one receives an email from HO that decision has been taken. The entire period may qualify as continuous residence. Any period before arrival and after issuance of visa may count towards allowable absence.