Video of TedX talk as optional criteria 2?


  1. “A link to one or more videos of talks or conferences that have had a significant viewership”

Would something like be considered a sufficient evidence -

What is considered significant viewership - any anecdotes?

  1. “Evidence of mentorship - Mentorship should have been done within an organised, structured and recognised mentoring scheme, which can be clearly demonstrated through evidence.”
    I have mentored a bunch of startups informally. I’m an angel investor in a few of them.
    Q - Would proof of investment say screenshots or investment agreement screenshot be considered enough to satisfy mentorship criteria?


@goonjanmall The Tedx Talk could pass, you just need to explain how you talk contributes to the development of the digital technology sector. It helps to give some context to your evidence. Do you have other speaking events, have you been on a tech panel discussion? Proof of investment does show mentorship.It could be useful in other criteria.

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