Valid or Invalid Evidence? - Speaking at International conference outside of service company

I have founded 2 startups. One is service based and is older (6 years old) while the other is a very early stage (6 months old, building the MVP) digital product-led startup. I have spoken at 2 international conferences within the past 5 years but this was while I was running my older service-based startup. Would these pieces of talking evidence count under OC 2?

Both speaking engagements were outside of my day-to-day work running a service-based startup. Now I run both a service-based and a product-led company. So the real question: Is it ok that the evidence is simply showing work outside my day-to-day job or does it matter that the day-to-day job at the time the talks were given was not a product-led company? I intend to focus on my work in product-led companies in my application for when I was an employee at an earlier time and work at my current product-led company. I do not intend to mention the service-based company.

I think what is important is that the speaking engagement is related to tech. People who are unemployed still speak at conferences.

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Thanks for your response @Francisca_Chiedu, it makes it clearer. The conferences are focused on software architecture (SA) and they held in person in the UK and the US. I’ve spoken 4 times on different SA topics between 2016 to 2018.

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use the one that is within the last 5 years

Yes just the ones within the last 5 years are valid for TN. Thanks.