Using startup experience for endorsement

Hi all,
I’m pretty new to this community and looks you all are very helpful and supportive.

I’m planning to lodge my application in the coming weeks using my tech startup founder experience in Australia and India. Just wondering if the below document will be sufficient for a chance of a successful outcome?

  1. Personal statement mentioning my business and career achievements in the last 4.5 years
  2. 2 recommendation letters from tech and tech-related CEOs and 3rd one from Data Science Director of a Big4 company.
  3. Details of 2 blockchain products in the market and other major projects in the pipeline.

Will the above documents will be sufficient and is applying for Promising Talent will be a good option as I started my business 4.5 years only?

All you suggestions will be very helpful. Thanks in advance.


Hi Kiran…
Welcome… You need to read the TechNation guide first

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What is the list of evidence yiu plan to use to meet one mandatory abd two optional criteria?

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Hi @Yusuf_Adebanjo, sure, I’m following their document and arranging docs one by one. Thanks!

Hi @Francisca_Chiedu, I’m planning to share my company registration documents, CV, products in Appstrore & Playstore, photograph of receiving an award, my story published by a university and government entity in Australia, tax returns documents etc.
Do you suggest any documents that would be more valuable so I will try to collect?

hello @Kiran_das
I suggest you list down what your submitting for an effective conversation. Your initial post is very brief and simple questions such as are you business are you technical ? what is for mandatory? what is for optional? which everyone needs to have a look at to be able to contribute. thank you

Which documents are you using for your mandatory and two optional crietria?

Hi @Francisca_ChieduSorry for delay, was busy collecting documents.
I’m planning to upload my current company’s incorporation and tax return doc, photographs of winning a national award in tech sector in Australia, proof of growing user traction of newly launched NFT app in UK, payment invoice for a digital solution project we doing in Australia as financial proof.
Will these docs will help to meet Mandatory criteria?
Thanks :blush::blush::blush:

Hey Maya! thanks for your suggestions. I’m planning to apply as business applicant by showing my business revenue growth in last few years, winning a national award in tech sector in Australia, initial user traction of recently launched NFT app in UK market.

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i think you should list the evidence you plan to use for the Mandatory and optional criteria.

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Oh Okay,

Mandatory docs,

  1. My company incorporation documents and tax return files.
  2. Photographs of award ceremony winning a national-level award in technology sector in Australia.


  1. Google analytics of user traction of our newly launched blockchain product in UK.
  2. Invoice from my client in Australia to develop a digital platform.
  3. Waiting for a letter from a government entity as proof of my attendance in a bilateral program between Australia and UK.
    4, Proof our apps listed in Appstore and Playstore.
    5.List of GitHub Repos used for our tech products using profile screenshot