Using an Academic Reference for Tech Nation Visa


I would like to find out if a recommendation from a Professor at a top UK school would suffice as one of three recommendations for the endorsement.

Considering I have only worked in two organisations, I don’t want to take the chance of having two recommendation letters from two different managers but connected to one organisation.

Thank you.

This success story suggest two people from the same organization and another academic as references was acceptable

Hi @Divij_Sood,

Thanks for sharing. Looks like this person is technical which I imagine, makes academic work more straightforward to connect. I am a product person and my academic reference would be a Business School professor.

Quite interesting that he/she used two who had worked in the same organisation. This is the same scenario I am considering but I have also been told that it can be rejected.

It would be great to see if anyone in a more similar role to mine took the same approach and got it. Thanks again.

It is not recommended. Best to use experts in the digital technology sector. The person referenced had other outstanding evidence so sometimes it could be overlooked but generally not recommended.

Thank you for the insight. Would you advise going with two managers from a previous organisation? One of them has left the organisation and will be writing with the letterhead of his new organisation. However, they would both be writing about the respective periods and roles they managed me.

My only concern is that attention may not be paid to the difference in roles within the organisation when the application is being reviewed.

I do not think your recommenders must be people who have worked directly with you. They could people who know of your work and can pin point how your work has improved the growth of the sector. I think only asking for letters from people you have worked directly with is limiting yourself.

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This is noted. Thank you.

Hi All,

I am a week away from submitting my application. I have read the guidance plenty of times, but something stood out that I had not noticed before. (see screenshot)

I will use academia as one of my OC sections.
Backed with 3 letters of endorsement from experts (not from the university, one from Tate Modern, one from a product manager, one from dev/engineer ), snapshot of high distinction grade for my MSc.
The thesis is not yet peer reviewed! I could not find an appropriate avenue for legal tech, I even asked my university 6 months ago for suggestions but they were not forthcoming on Peer Review Journals.

I will be writing an article in the new year for a Journal, based on my research in my MSc. I have an email thread to back this up.

I also mention in Personal Statement how I have used my research to formulate ideas for a business venture in the future and I have used the research to attract business partners (and applying for grants in the New Year). The convos are across LinkedIn. I could snapshot that?

Should I go ahead with this OC4? Or is it too risky?
or I should I take info from Mandatory Criteria and apply it to OC3 Significance as employee.

Thanks for any advice and happy 2024

You can’t use your NSC research for OC4. How is Tate modern a digital technology company?

Thanks @Francisca_Chiedu for the quick reply.
I think I need to change my OC. I will have to formulate evidence for OC3.

I chose OC 4 originally, as I have used my research to attract business partners. (So this is part of my argument).

re: Tate Modern - as they have R&D departments that work with consultants, researchers and universities to find better ways to improve their ops with technology. My research covers Art & Cultural Heritage, regulation, ai, blockchain, automation etc.