Urgent help - recommendation letter

Hello all, I am about to put in my application for the Global talent visa. Due to the recent changes they made about the recommendation letters not having to be by 3 different companies but 3 different individuals, can I include recommendation letters from 2 people in the same company?

It was never 3 different companies, always 3 different people. In the top 3 recommendation letters I wouldn’t suggest to have two coming from people within the same company. You can use one of those from two in the MC though. But use three different from 3 companies

Thank you! Since the person giving you a letter of recommendation must have known your work for a year, can I get a recommendation letter from someone I worked with for 4 months but knows my work and impact beyond then?

My opinion: You don’t have to have worked together. As long as they know your work well enough to talk extensively about it.