Urgent: Evidence expiry date confirmation

Hi everyone,

I was invited to a high profile tech conference on the 17th October, 2017 by the organizer and I want to make use of this conference held as one of my evidence in mandatory criteria for exceptional promise during my application.

My question is, at what exact point does the event count as being “5 years ago” and becomes invalid?

Is it going to be:

  • Ending of September 2022
  • October 16, 2022
  • October 17, 2022
  • Ending of October 2022

I appreciate any suggestions and feedback on my application.

Thank you.

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thats a very tricky question and i think none in this forum will be able to specify the exact expiry date as we dont work for technation. from previous applicant i can see that they consider anything older than 5 years is invalid and they do consider the months (in counting) not only years.

as there is a high risk in providing this document, better to avoid submitting it as a main one. You dont want to submit something that has high potential of being not considered.

that is my insight only and others may have different opinion.

best of luck


I agree with @Maya. You can add it to another evidence, it’s tricky to leave it as a stand alone

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It was insightful and precise. Thanks for your response @Maya

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Alright, I will adjust my document.
Thank you so much @Olubunmi_Fajuyigbe and @Maya

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Tech Nation did not specify but October is still within five years.


Alright, @Francisca_Chiedu. Thank you so much, I appreciate your feedback

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