Urgent clarification request: What does this email from GlobalTalentEndorsements mean?

Hi everyone!

I submitted my application on March 31st. On April 6th, I received what seems to be a standard mail from GlobalTalentEndorsements@homeoffice.gov.uk saying,

Thank you for your application for Endorsement for Global Talent (Talent)

Please note that you should submit your Tech Nation application form and documents to the Tech Nation portal no more than 15 working days after you submitted this application. Failure to submit your Tech Nation application form will result in your application being withdrawn.

Your application has been referred to Tech Nation. Please allow 8 weeks for their consideration which commences once Tech Nation receive your documents on their portal. If you have not already submitted the Tech Nation form, consideration of your application can only start once this is complete.

We will contact you when a decision has been made.

To my knowledge, I’ve already submitted everything on the correct portal (https://tech-nation-visa.smapply.io), but please let me know if there is somewhere else I need to be uploading documents or any further steps I have missed?

Also, please let me know what these “Edits” I keep reading about are and how to track those?

Kind regards


That’s a standard email that is sent by the Home Office/UKVI to remind you you have 15 days to submit your Tech Nation endorsement application. If you’ve already done so, you can simply ignore the email.
Personally, I haven’t submitted anything else in addition to the gov.uk and tech nation applications.

On the edits, they just mean someone is working on your application.

Good luck with your application!


Thank you! Here’s a screenshot of the application - this is all we have to do, right?

Yes, that looks correct to me. If you open https://tech-nation-visa.smapply.io/prog/ (list view), you should see the “Completion” field as “Submitted” and also see the infamous “Last edited” field.

Aside from that, I assume you already submitted your Stage 1 application on gov.uk and paid the Stage 1 fee.

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Such a relief - thank you so much @stefano
And yes, I can finally see the fabled “Last edited” :joy: No edits since my time of submission!

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I’m in the same shoes as you are. I applied on the 25th of March, and still no edits or response.

I’ve read that not everyone’s applications reflect edits and they don’t necessarily indicate acceptance nor rejection so I suppose we just have to hang tight!

ok thanks, the suspense is killing me

Tell me about it - me, too! Good luck to you, please let us know if/when you get an update and I’ll do the same :slight_smile:

sure, I will ensure to do so!

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I’m at 2 edits now. Just thought I’d update you! Anything on your side?

I’m at 3. still waiting for a response.

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I’m now at 4 edits. Still waiting

I’m still at 2!
Is there somewhere you can see the entire history & number of edits or are you manually tracking them? All I see is this, and the reason I know it’s 2 edits is because I’ve been checking every single day.


Same 2 Edits!

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No way to check history. I am tracking manually.

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Nice. I submitted on March 31st but only got activity in May so both my edits are from this month!

It’s here. Rejection.

Will reapply but may not be now.

So sorry about that. How are you doing? Do they give you any reasoning for their decision and is there a timeframe in which you can request a review or are you planning on eventually doing a fresh new application?

I am so sorry to hear about your rejection. Would you mind sharing the reason for your rejection?