Urgent advise needed

  1. The home office talked about uploading documents checklist. I could not find the list of documents to be uploaded in the checklist.

Some should help on the list of documents required to be emailed to the home office.

  1. Is it possible to make a change after the submission of the form on the TechNation portal. During my application, i click submit on the form ,thinking that the submit is for the online form section. After I submitted , I realized that I could not upload the evidence files. Though, they said evidence file is optional. Please how can i go about uploading my evidence files .

Where (country) are you applying from?
Have you been endorsed?

You are not to email any of your Tech Nation evidence document to the Home Office (Stage 1).

Your endorsement letter, TB Certificate (if required in your region) and passport are what you would usually need to apply for your Visa (Stage 2).

For the tech nation, you don’t need to upload via home office.
You’ll see this in the checklist doc you downloaded after successful payment

As per the editing after submission, I can’t say
Hope you’ve been able to sort it.

@ismo, have you been able to resolve the issue.
I advise you mail home office for help before the 15 days window closes.

Thanks everyone for your advice.
I emailed the TechNation support and I was given the chance to edit and re-submit my application.

The most important is for someone to complete the application before the deadline incase of the need for any amendment.

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Goodl uck with your application.