Urgent: 15 Days Deadline

Update for future applicants: 15 working days…so weekends are excluded.
Hi! My fee submission date and application date as per UK govt portal March 3 GMT and UK office has mentioned:

  1. You have chosen the Standard Service. You should send your documents within 15 working days so that we can make a decision within 8 weeks.

If you do not send your documents within 15 working days your application may be rejected.

Q1: So, what’s the last day for me to submit my application? Is it March 17 day end? or before March 16 day end? Is it really get rejected automatically if you are unable to submit the application? What’s my exact deadline with date and time please? And any other suggestions or tips regarding it?

Q2: Yes…I am running out of time…got delayed as I kept waiting for the previous recommenders and referees to do docusign and two are left still…Only 1 has done so till now. Others have handwritten like signatures pasted in the letters, is it fine still? No issues if I don’t get docusign?

CC: @Francisca_Chiedu @May @alexnk

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A week has 5 working days so I’m guessing your last date to submit is March 23.

Personally I wouldn’t take the chance and try to submit as soon as possible.
In hindsight, it’s better to pay the fees only after you have everything is order.

If you have handwritten signatures and you are only waiting for docusign don’t risk it IMHO.
It’s better to have it docusign but handwritten signatures are also fine. Worst case they’ll have to contact the recommendors to enture authenticity.


Any other suggestions please? What deadline I should be considering or submitting before which exact date? Thank you!!

@Francisca_Chiedu Could you please share your valuable piece of advice on it? Thank you!!

2 of my hand-signed letter worked for my case.

About the counting of the days, I am not really sure. But I think @Ido_Moshe has a good point on the “working days” way of counting.

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Any more feedback from the alumni please? There’s no point of contact to get its exact answer. Any lead please? It is very urgent. I got sick in between too and now I am just out of time…Please help me to have its exact answer. Thank you…

Waiting for the response please! Anyone who can verify it please

Could you please tell me what’d be the deadline by including weekends?

What would be the point? They clearly stated 15 working days.

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I am so sorry. I just read it again! Yes it is working days!!! Thanks a lot!! Due to frustration…I just lost this major point…!! Thanks to you and best wishes to you for everything!!

pasted signature or hand signed in fine. it is not compulsory to use docusign.

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I am not sure why people are insisting on docusign here. As far as the signature looks natural, you should not have any issues. All my three recommendations had scanned signatures. You should be fine without docu sign

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