Uncertainty Regarding Exceptional Promise Criteria

I completed my engineering degree in July 2018. During college, I was involved in several digital technology startups and interned at Google and Microsoft.

My first internship took place in 2015. Considering that I graduated less than five years ago, does this disqualify me from the “exceptional promise” category? Or should I omit these internship experiences from my CV?

This is a grey area. I think you should just list mostly your full time paid employment. One your career history is more than 5years you are automatically considered for exceptional talent.

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Thanks for the prompt reply @Francisca_Chiedu.

In this case, what would be a good answer to " What is the main reason you have chosen to apply for the route of ‘Exceptional Promise’ (rather than Exceptional Talent)?"

The reason is based on how you meet the criteria, if you are in the early stage of your career state it.