UK Global Talent Visa-Partner Interview... what to expect at the interview

Good day here. A big thank you to this Forum for the amazing information shared.

I am applying as Global talent visa-partner, please what to expect at the Interview. what are the likely preparation to make

Also are the dependent children under 10 year go for interview too.?

This is news to me. where you invited for an interview?

Not yet but i was told that when you go for Biometric capturing, there will be a kind of skype interview ( though I heard this from those applying for student visa) not sure if its applied to Global talent too.
Thank you @Francisca_Chiedu. I appreciate your feedback on this

i have not heard of such

In that case no interview then and my question is answered.

Thank you.

Thank you all for all the Amazing information shared here, they are so helpful. my husband was the main applicant but I was here learning and giving him all the guidelines from this Forum. He got endorsed for Exceptional Talent and we landed in the UK last month.
please I will like to connect with everyone in this forum who have landed to know the next move about Job searching and company registration.

Thank you.

Please o I am new here. Please how do I create a profile or portfolio please. I need guidance please