Travel at Stage 2

I started my stage 2 application and submitted it along with IHS and visa fees.

I have yet to upload my docs and set an appointment with UKVCAS. I believe I have until May to to do this (my endorsement came a couple of weeks back week).

I have a vacation booked in Apr (bank holiday weekend). I am wondering if it makes sense to book an appointment (since I can see its available) immediately after my trip.

Basically wanted to confirm, the restriction on travel outside of UK is from the time of visiting the appointment, or from the time I submitted the Stage 2 app and paid the IHS fees etc.

Would love some help! Thanks!

You shouldn’t travel outside after submitting your stage 2 application until you get your new BRP card back.

Got it. So “submitting” stage 2 is when I fill Stage 2 form, and not once I am done with my appointment/biometrics?

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Yes, submitting stage 2 is when you fill the forms and not when you get biometrics done. But select a biometrics date tho and you can adjust it if your reality changes.

Speaking from experience, I had documentation issue after submitting my stage 2 application and also missed my biometric appointment so I was 3 weeks post the 3 month endorsement. And I got the visa.

You got the visa because the date you paid for your visa application fee is your official application date. If you paid after the three month period it would have been a different story. I have seen someone’s application rejected because withdrew their application to do a trip
when they applied just after three months. The application was rejected.

Yea. Exactly what I said.