Three letters of recommendation from three separate parties


I got three letters of recommendation from three different people.

  1. The CEO of my organisation
  2. I developed an enterprise platform there years ago for a company in the US, and I got it from the company’s CEO, and I still support it.
  3. A lecturer at one of the UK’s universities who holds PhD in software engineering helps me with some projects and writing

Will the recommendation letters I brought be accepted without issue?

best regards.

I think it should be fine if they are recognised experts in the tech field. Do they have a good public profile?

They have, but they are not active.
it is one of them: iMMAP CR

… holds a PhD in Molecular Biology and a Bachelor´s Degree of Biology from Cardiff University in the UK.

This person is not a tech expert

Yes, I know, but we are working under the NGO’s rules as developers that she is the Country Representative of. We developed an enterprise and a huge platform for the government under her supervision.
This is a platform: Mihan Platform

And this is Dr. Soran’s LinkedIn: LinkedIn

It still does not change the requirement fir a recommender. She can writer a reference letter but not a recommendation letter.

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