The past 5 years limit requirement for Exceptional Talent Optional Criteria evidences


Is there a requirement for Exceptional Talent Optional Criteria evidences to be related to things happened in the past 5 years?

In the guide I see that this requirement written only for the Mandatory criteria:

How do I demonstrate that I have been recognised as (or recognised as having the potential to be) a leading talent in the digital technology sector in the last 5 years?

Any activity you are providing as evidence of recognition should have occurred within the past 5 years.

However, I don’t see such requirement for Optional Criteria. Does this mean that evidences for Optional Criteria can be related to things happened earlier or am I missing something?

I just got a rejection by this reason, and I’m quite confused, because I can’t see such requirement in the guide.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @denis,

To your question, “I think” the answer is yes (all pieces of evidence you’re submitting should have occurred within the last 5 years) even though this wasn’t expressly stated in the optional criteria.

Although, I think it’d be helpful if you can share the actual feedback from Tech nation so that you can get more concrete feedback from the experienced folks here.

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It’s a fair point, as I don’t think Tech Nation is exceptionally clear in the guide, but it’s my understanding that all pieces of evidence must be from the last 5 years.

You keep saying experienced folks, you gave the correct response.

It is also in optional criteria one. Generally, all evidence must be within five years

I’m yet to get an endorsement.
Submitted my application last month.

It does not matter. Most of the consultants are not recipients of the visa, but a have a good understanding of the requirements stated in the tech nation guide. I wish you a successful outcome in your application.

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