Tech Nation Visa clarity

Hi everyone. I am looking for some guidance. I first started this process 2 years ago but was offered a promising role in my country that I felt will add more substance to my application. My role is currently a senior managing consultant. The title is misleading as I am currently leading digital marketing acquisition for a fintech across Africa, Middle East and Saudi. My career in digital marketing spans across 15 years. FMCG, Financial services and media and now payments. I saw that roles as consultant are not eligible however I am not just a consultant. I have created new products for the company I work in and have implemented and ran successful digital marketing campaigns across several countries in my region. I am a business leader and a subject matter expert in digital marketing/ performance marketing. I have a proven track record and have published articles and spoke at many events on this topic. Can someone advise if I have a shot of being endorsed.

I think the first thing to do is list the evidence you have. You can focus on a previous role that doesn’t have the consultant title.

Thanks @Francisca_Chiedu this is helpful. Will try this. Thank you

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