Tech Nation Exceptional Global Talent

Hello there,

I am a Tech Startup Founder of over 13yrs here in Nigeria and i recently applied for Tech Nation exceptional talent endorsement

sorry to hear that!
you can share with us the rejection feedback so people on the forum can help draw your attention to some strong points to appeal on, but i would just say the rejection is mostly because your startup is not a product-focused one and your experience is mainly consultancy in a way or another, which is not acceptable by the TN criteria.

hope you can find a way!

You can start by posting the feedback and list of evidence you submitted. This will help the forum show you pointers for an endorsement review.

Kindly permit me to admit that, one of my mistakes was not been able to insert video evidences into MS Word files without sharing external links to such videos

You don’t need to put so much detail in a public forum.
You can list what evidence byou provided for the mandatory criteria, and Optional Criteria. Then share the feedback you got on why your application was not endorsed.

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Thanks for this clue

Based on the feedback, It appears you didn’t follow tech nation guide to prepare your application. First you work is focused on consulting and outsourcing which makes you ineligible for GTV in digital technology. You also don’t work for a product-led company… I don’t see any grounds for endorsement review as you clearly didn’t provide sufficient and compelling evidence to meet the criteria. You may want to check global talent for art and culture perhaps you may be eligible under video production or any other categories listed in that category.

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Very Humble beginnings and stellar career by the way.

if this was possible it would still be a mistake. You need to read TN guide without the intention of applying maybe this time you might see it differently.