Talent or Promise

Hello everyone, I have one very important question to you.

I am working at a startup since January 2018, it makes 5 years and 2 months experience

But since it was a startup and the legal structure shaped after a couple of months in 2019, the official employment date is later in October 2019. which makes 4 years and 5 months.

So should I apply promise or talent, what do you suggest?

Obviously, talent route ( > 5yr) if you can demonstrate a couple of evidence in each criteria since it will give you a quicker route to ILR and citizenship.

If you want to go for the Promising route which is much easier, you must show that you have only worked in the Digital Technology field for less than 5 years. Otherwise, the assessor will automatically evaluate your application based on the Talent route (>5yr) anyway, no matter what.