Switching Visa from ICT2 PBS Dependent Visa to Global Talent Visa

I have received the TechNation - Talent Endorsement from stage 1 in September 2021. Currently I am on ICT PBS Dependent Visa. I am happy to help for Stage 1 if anyone have any doubt/query.

I am originally from India and moved to UK along with my Spouse in 2019.
My spouse is on ICT (Inter Company Transfer) and I am on ICT PBS Dependent Visa. So I have applied for TechNation visa to work independently and also bring forward my ILR application.

I have received the TechNation - Talent Endorsement from stage 1 in September 2021.

I have gone through the technation forum and did not found any information where ICT PBS Dependent visa Holder can switch to Global talent visa (as Primary Applicant).

I have below question regarding the GTV (Global talent Visa) stage 2 -

  1. As currently, I am on ICT PBS Dependent and received endorsement , will I be able to apply for Switch Visa Route to GTV, just like any other visa Type or I need to file a fresh application ?
    Switch Visa Link available on Gov.Uk => https://www.gov.uk/global-talent/switch-to-this-visa

  2. Do I need to consult Immigration Solicitors for this process or can be done on its own.

  3. Any Pointers/ Details would be appreciated.


HI Jagadish,

Thanks for offering help with Stage 1 GTV application.

My name is Ravi and one of my friends and me are looking for applying for GTV.

I am on Dependent Partner visa and my fried is on ICT, we need information regarding the stage 1.

Can you please help us with information.

Thanks in Advance.

As you’ve correctly pointed out, the site in question: https://www.gov.uk/global-talent/switch-to-this-visa has the answer to the question.

It states that you can switch you need to:

  1. Be in UK (which you are)
  2. Have an endorsement (which you do)

It doesn’t matter which visa you’re in UK at, as long as it’s NOT in this list:

Seeing as, to the best of my knowledge, the ICT Dependent Visa isn’t anywhere in this list - you should be absolutely good to go, as UKVI only provides a closed list of visas you can’t switch from, meaning that if your visa isn’t there - you can switch! One caveat though.

Tech Nation endorsement lasts for 3 months, so yours granted in September of 2021 would need to be renewed. I didn’t find guidance for that on the Tech Nation website so I imlpore you to reach out to them at info@technation.io. Most likely it’ll be the case of paying the review fee once again but I assume that the process would be faster?