Switching from student visa to Tier 1

Hi everyone, I am currently in the UK on a student visa and currently studying for a masters degree in Big data and business intelligence. I would like to switch to a Global Talent visa.

  1. Can I apply for stages 1 and 2 here in the UK or I have to go back to my home country
  2. Since I am a student, how do I put the evidence together here in the UK

Ans 1: Switch is possible within the UK
Ans 2: That’s something you will have to figure out. In my opinion getting documents in digital form shouldn’t be a problem. You absolutely don’t need to be physically present to talk to someone. Phone, wahtsapp, hangouts, FB. Tonnes of options.

Thanks for the response. Before I started the masters program, I worked as a Applications Engineer for about 8 years and mainly worked with SQL. It was more of a supporting role as I did not develop the solutions, just deployed and implemented them. But I create SQL procedures and write queries that support the team.

Not sure if this would count for exceptional talent or exceptional promise

Answer 1: You can apply from inside the UK.
Answer 2: You need to figure it out based on the TechNation guide to see which criteria you think that your documents satisfy.

Thanks for the responses