Supplementary Work on GTV


Is it possible to do supplementary work on GTV?
I have a GTV and will start working for a company full-time, but my current employer (a university) has offered me to work as a part-time researcher (20%). Is it possible to do that under GTV? I could not find anything on official GTV guidance.

Has anyone experienced a similar situation and can share their feedback?

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As far as as I am aware, nothing stops you from taking up a partime lecturing job. On you BRP it states you can’t be a sport person or doctor so you are allowed to do other jobs.

Thanks Francisca. Yeah, I also thought so. It is surprising that I could not find any instruction related to it on the official guidance as opposed to Tier 2 visa which has very clear instructions about supplementary work besides the main work.

Global Talent Visa is not same as Skilled Work visa. So nopoint comparing follow what’s on your visa No DR/No Sport person and no recourse to public fund, its on you BRP so not sure why you are looking for additions. There is no restriction on the hours you can work.

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