Suitable Evidence for Proof of Recognition for Work Beyond The Applicant’s Occupation?

In 2020, I volunteered as a Product Manager for a non-profit organization where we built a web app that provided reliable information about COVID-19. This webapp at its peak had 10,000 Daily Active Users and used by over 100 GP practices across the UK.

I intend submitting a letter of reference from the founder of the organization + other appropriate references.

Does this evidence fall under this criteria.

I think it should count but it depends o how you present it. Is it an Open Source project?

It is not open-source, but there were over 50 volunteers working on the project.

You can find out more about it here - and

I also have two other evidence that might fit into the criteria

  1. I was selected as a mentor in the Andela Learning Community x Microsoft 2021 Skillslab Program -

All I have are emails informing me of my selection as a mentor in the Learning Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the program.

  1. I volunteered as a Virtual Assistant and Panel Moderator for the CodeLand 2020 conference. As evidence, I have:
    (1) a letter of reference from the speaker I worked with.
    (2) a thank you email from the founder of the conference

i am not sure it is convincing enough but if you have strong evidence of your work that is considered impactful, it may fly. Remember that reference letters alone are not sufficient to meet the criteria. I don’t work for tech nation, i am just interpreting my understanding of the guideline.

Thanks for your response.
I am very grateful

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