Successful examples Key Criteria and Qualifying Criteria


I am looking for advice from someone who has successfully received the Global Talent visa.

In respect to the Key Criteria, I’m having a hard time understanding what successful evidence of “innovation in the digital technology sector” actually looks like. Can someone please provide me first hand examples of what’s worked for them? I have the experience, it’s the evidence that I’m struggling to feel confident about.

Secondly, for the Qualifying Criteria, I plan to focus on the significant commercial contributions I have made in my role as Product Manager, and Marketing Manager. Can someone please let me know what type of evidence you have submitted to prove that you “Have made significant commercial contributions.” For context, I’ve worked as a key employee, not a founder.

I plan to apply for the Exceptional Promise track very shortly, wish me luck :flushed:


I am looking forward to the answers. I am confused about the “innovation” too. Good luck Derek.

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@derek.h Did you manage to find any information w.r.t to your query? I am a noob here and in the same boat as yours and trying to figure out more info.

Appreciate sharing anything you figured so far.

Thankfully I was successfully endorsed in the end.

If I were to reverse engineer my experience, for the Key Criteria of “innovation in the digital technology sector”, I think it came down to my experience in the following two areas:

  1. Product-led tech companies, which are arguably inherently innovative because they’re driven by R&D
  2. Real-world examples of interesting technology/problems that are scarcely found elsewhere

So I provided concrete examples as to why/how some of the projects I had worked on were truly ‘innovative.’ Determining what is, or isn’t innovative, is quite subjective, so in my mind I just replaced replaced the word ‘innovative’ with ‘unique’ . I provided examples of my experience that were objectively unique in the marketplace, and that seemed to work out for me! Just be specific and provide evidence. At the end of the day, it’s more important that they trust you’re telling the truth, versus nit picking whether something is ‘innovative’ or not.

Good luck everyone.

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Thanks for sharing your feedback @derek.h but I have a question. How do you actually document that “innovation in the digital technology sector”?

Do you make a separate document and explain everything about that innovation including screenshots and links such as github repositories? Or does it need to be explained by your referees?

I have the same question, how to best show contributions made in Github profile? I have 3 repositories, do I have to take sceenshot of codes and compile in a document? Do I have to explain them as well?

I have a similar question, I worked on leading an innovative product/technology in my last work place, I cannot obviously submit code examples due to privacy concerns but can provide architecture and letters from the people in the team…Would that be ok?

I think that a short (and concise) summary of the GitHub repositories should be enough (for example, doc with a link, screenshot and a short description). A quick question though - I know someone who had 10+ more or less active repositories with some open-source tools, which are not the most prominent, but still not completely unknown to the community and this still was not enough to prove oneself as an exceptional talent (or even promise) in the industry by open-source contribution.

Are you sure that those 3 repositories are interesting enough to justify spending a precious document slot (which you have only 10!) on that?

It might be OK, provided you give enough details for the expert panel to make an assessment. That being said, I am not sure it will be possible to do without infringing privacy.

I am confused myself for showing repository is good enough evidence.

One repository shows the code from the current employment project for mandatory criteria “demonstrate that I have been (or have the potential to be) recognised as a leading talent in the digital technology sector”

Rest two show active participation in a collaborative project for optional criteia “demonstrate that I have been recognised for my work outside of my immediate occupation that contributed to the advancement of the sector”.

It is difficult to say without seeing the actual code and the amount of your contribution. I wonder if you can share the link to your GitHub profile - I would then be able to give my non-binding and highly subjective opinion?

Hi Derek,

Did you focus on business skills ( I am in the same boat) and did you have a tech degree (education)

  • I am in the business side of tech but have all the evidences etc.
  • Can we connect to have a quick chat / exchange this would really help.


I have the same confusion; I’m a Frontend Developer in a product-led company with a significant impact on the sector. Previously I have found three products, and my primary role in these startups was the technical side. But almost all my pieces of evidence are representing my entrepreneurial sides. So what should I provide to show my technical side too?

@acerbastimur - it depends on what you choose among the 2 optional criteria. If you choose

they have made significant technical, commercial or entrepreneurial contributions to the field as a founder, senior executive or employee of a product-led digital technology company

then you need to show evidence of technical contributions, github being a fine option.

However, there are 3 other criteria from which you just need to choose 2. Depending on what you think are your strongest suites, select the criteria and then figure out what evidence fits that.

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