Successful examples Key Criteria and Qualifying Criteria


I am looking for advice from someone who has successfully received the Global Talent visa.

In respect to the Key Criteria, I’m having a hard time understanding what successful evidence of “innovation in the digital technology sector” actually looks like. Can someone please provide me first hand examples of what’s worked for them? I have the experience, it’s the evidence that I’m struggling to feel confident about.

Secondly, for the Qualifying Criteria, I plan to focus on the significant commercial contributions I have made in my role as Product Manager, and Marketing Manager. Can someone please let me know what type of evidence you have submitted to prove that you “Have made significant commercial contributions.” For context, I’ve worked as a key employee, not a founder.

I plan to apply for the Exceptional Promise track very shortly, wish me luck :flushed:


I am looking forward to the answers. I am confused about the “innovation” too. Good luck Derek.

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