Submitting Documents to Home Office - Required?

Hi everyone. I have been a bit confused about this application process. I have already completed the stage 1 application and submitted my documents to Tech Nation. I did this on the 4th of May so this is like the 5th week. I had asked some alumni if it was a requirement to submit these documents also to the Home office and they said no. However, I received an email prompt right after submitting my documents to Tech Nation that I also needed to submit some documents to Home Office.

It is really confusing, another alumni is just telling me today that yes, it is a requirement but I am unsure how to do this submission. In the checklist document, it says I should send documents to the home office then goes ahead to say this:
“Tech Nation-related evidence is no longer required to be sent to the Home Office. You should complete
the application on the Tech Nation website and upload the requested information.”

At this point, I really don’t know if I’ve done something wrong. I’m a bit worried, especially since I have not heard from them yet.

Can anyone please help with some clarifications so I understand better?

You don’t need to submit documents to the home office and as long as you see the docs and application on the technation portal (the one where you submitted the application), that should be ok. Also, you can see if some action is done on your application by clicking on the preview page and seeing the last edited date. This date probably tells when was the last time some action was done on your application by the reviewers.

Also, check the spam folder. Sometimes they already responded but the email goes to the spam folder.

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Thank you, this is helpful information. I just checked the preview side of my application and there has been no action on it since I submitted it.

You can reach out to them but their official deadline is 8 weeks so there is a rare chance that they’ll give any useful answer before 8 weeks. As long as inside the preview link page next to the application stage it’s saying 100 percent complete, just wait and hope for the best :slight_smile:

Yes, I actually did reach out yesterday and got no response. I’ll wait till the 8 weeks is up and send another email.
Thank you Amm.