Student visa holder can apply or not?

HI, I am planning to do postgrade in UK and also plan to apply global talent visa.

My question is if I take the student visa 1st then apply for global talent endorsement , is there any restriction? Is it that I have to finish my masters then apply?

I f I get the endorsement, then I am fine to go to my home country and apply for stage 2 gt visa.

Can anyone suggest what should I do?

Thanks a lot

Hello @Md_Rezaur_Rahman

Thank you for your question and your interest in Global Talent Visa.

There are no restrictions in terms of your legal immigration status in the UK when you apply for Stage 1. Therefore you can apply for Stage 1 of Global Talent Visa when you are on Tier 4 or any other type of a visa route.

However, as you pointed out, there is a mandatory entry clearance ( as in case for Tier 4) where you have to apply for Stage 2 from your home country if your Stage 1 was succesfull.

Let me know if you have any more questions.

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Thanks a lot Herman for the clarification.

In that case, if I am successful in stage 1 then I can go back to my home country and apply for stage 2 visa application, even if it is middle of my study. And also I don’t need to cancel my tier 4 visa 1st before stage 2 application. And if I am not successful in stage 2 then I can come back uk again and continue my study.

Am I Wright?


Yes, you are absolutely right. Stage 1 is not an immigration process and does not impact your current legal immigration status either way.

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Thanks a ton. Really helped me a lot

As @Herman_Komas pointed out, you are free to apply for endorsement but you have to go to your home country for stage 2. Just one thing you must bear in mind, going back to your country must not result in the breach of your immigration status in the UK. I would suggest to check if you will have to seek permission from your University or to inform them if you are to be absent during term time while you go for stage2 and awaits your visa outcome. It is better to be sure.