Steps after Tech Nation payment

Hi, from what I understand, there are two stages of the application process, where during the first stage I submit my application online on the government website and then finish rest of the application on the tech nation website after making the £456 payment. I have done both of these steps and received confirmation emails from Tech Nation.

I am just a bit confused about the message on the government website after making the payment regarding next steps. This is what it mentions:

‘‘you must send us your document checklist and supporting documents as soon as possible. We cannot start processing your application until you do this.
Send your checklist and documents by email to’’

Is this message regarding stage 2 if I receive an endorsement? Or do I need to take these steps before Tech Nation can process my application?

First, congrats on getting endorsed - that is the most complex part of the process, really!. I think you can just ignore this - it is for Global Talent applications endorsed by other organisations, for Tech Nation-related Global Talent applications you don’t need to send anything.

Disclaimer: I don’t work for Tech Nation, neither I represent Tech Nation;
I am not a lawyer and this is not legal advice.

Thanks Alex, it’s been clarified now by the Home Office. And I think there was a misunderstanding, I still haven’t received a decision regarding endorsement. I applied two weeks ago and I was just confused by the application system on the Gov website but they have been helpful in clarifying it.


Thanks for this post. This part confuses me too, Do I need to send them an email after submitting on Tech Nation website please?

Thank you.

No need to send email, you will receive the email confirmation.

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