Starting time After holidays

Dear Friends,

Does anybody know when the technation’s people come back to the office after holidays? I sent my review application 28 days ago, and I am waiting for the answer.

Best, and Merry Christmas

Likely 4th of January. I got my endorsement on the first working day in January.

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@mandy, according to the official notice:

Holiday Out Of Office

Please note that over the festive season, Tech Nation’s visa team will be taking a break between Dec. 23rd 2021 and Jan 4th 2022.

Applications remain fully open throughout this time, however, we may take a little longer than usual to process them.

We will aim to respond to any enquiries as soon as possible in the New Year.

By the way, did you check the Spam folder?
I used to find Home Office emails there.

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Thanks a lot for precise answers :pray::pray::pray:

Hello @Francisca_Chiedu just joined the forum recently and I have been reading as many questions and answers as I can to help me develop my personal statement and also make the best decision on possible reference selections and evidences to present.

Your answers are very good and straight to the point. I was wondering if you could share a summary of how you approached your own application. I would appreciate any useful links and tips. Thanks in advance.

I approached my application using the tech nation guide. No two applications are the same. I don’t think my application summary will be helpful as the criteria when I applied is different.

Take your time to study the tech nation guide, there are examples of evidence you can present. If you have specific questions then ask in the forum and I will be happy to respond. There are other Tech Nation alumni here who may be of help if you are in the same field.

Okay. Thank you for your swift response.

I’ll hang around here to follow the conversations and familiarize myself with the technation guide as much as I can.


OK then. All the best.

@ennyfoll first, are you looking at Exceptional Talent or Promise? I will advise just like @Francisca_Chiedu as mentioned the starting place is tech nation site. No two applications must be the same or copied. You can create a plan for yourself on how to achieve this. I listed a few things below: (Pls this is not cast stone just an advise and a guide to where you can start)

  1. List all your potential experts and LinkedIn profile: This list will help you determine who can be your expert and who can be your support person. The application requires 3 x people who are experts in your field working in different organizations who can vouch for you.

  2. for Leadership Criteria read through the Global Talent site, check through the mandatory criteria for exceptional talent and promise. You will see some examples. Decide on which one you will use.

  3. Optional Criteria: Think of the companies you have worked for that are product-led digital technology companies, Provide url link of the product led digital technology company possible, Consider 3 projects or products that you were involved in per criteria
    List any people who can vouch for your work here, Include any links to evidence or hyperlinks (if any)

  4. Your Future Plans, CV, Personal statement, etc

(Note: All these above are simply based on my own experience)

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Thank you for this @Adeyinka_Ojo

I’m looking at the exceptional talent option. I have about 9 years experience working as an IT Project Manager/Business Analyst in telco, e-commerce and insurtech.

Built several products, systems and platforms to improve internal processes, grow customer base and drive revenue growth.

I have written a few articles on LinkedIn, actively participated at tech/innovation events and have also put together a company event that has featured several business leaders from fintech & innovation ecosystem in the last 2 years.

Currently putting together my personal statement, potential recommenders and evidences of my work and the impact they’ve had.

I’m open to your view on how best to tell my story.

Dear friends,
Happy new year! At last, the home office accepted my application in the last hours of 2021!! It was a surprise and as a new year gift.
They sent it to me :

“Thank you for your Application for Endorsement under the Global Talent category. The application was forwarded to Tech Nation on **** and they provided a recommendation to the Home Office.
You have requested that the decision not to endorse your application be reviewed. The Home Office forwarded your request to Tech Nation and it has reconsidered your application. It has advised that you meet its criteria for Exceptional Talent and I am therefore satisfied that you can be endorsed under the Global Talent category.
Full details of how to apply to the Home Office for stage 2 of the Global Talent category, including the relevant fees, are available on the Home Office visas and immigration pages of the gov.​UK website.
Applications from outside of the United Kingdom:
Applications from inside the United Kingdom:
This endorsement is valid for 3 months from the date of this notification and therefore you must submit an application for entry clearance or leave to remain (stage 2) within this period or the application will be refused.
Holding a valid endorsement notification does not mean you hold entry clearance to come to the United Kingdom or leave to remain in the United Kingdom. If your current leave is about to expire you must either make plans to leave the United Kingdom or submit a leave application (stage 2) in order to extend it. This will prolong your leave until the Home Office makes a decision on your application …”

Thanks a lot again for your great and kind bits of help. It was so useful for me, especially for my review application.
I will ask you other questions for the next steps. Nevertheless, I prefer to ask the first question here.
I know that I have to complete stage2 in 3 months. Can I set my entry time in Britain after these three months in my visa application (for example, in June)?

Thank you for your nice answers

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Congratulations. Glad you found my comments useful.

Nice. I will just advise that if possible do your personal statement towards the end. The reason is that your personal statement will include all the details that have been mentioned both in your innovation and its impacts, achievements, and plans in the UK.

In addition to the above, your personal statement and letter of recommendation from your expert should describe what is special about your achievements and show memorably and persuasively how and where you have made a difference. That is the impact of your achievements. Show them more than what you get paid to do in your job.

Further, leadership skills are extremely important to show that you are an exceptional talent or exceptional promise candidate. There are 3 types of thought leadership: Industry, Product, and Organisational Leadership. Please read through tech nation on this.

You must also ensure that the letters are written by experts who know you personally and must be able to talk about you from first-hand experience. Tech Nation not only judge you on your merits and achievements, they also judge your experts. So make sure your experts are leaders in the field of digital technology in the same sector as you and are credible.

Please note that this is not immigration or legal advice. It is simply based on my experience.

Thanks @Adeyinka_Ojo this is super helpful.

Happy new year to you.

Congratulations on your endorsement @mandy

Congrats mate really happy for you,
I got mine too at the late hour of 2021, it was one of the best news i received so far in 2021…

Wish you all the best mate

Thank you for answering :pray::pray::pray:

Thank you and wish you the best :pray::pray::pray:

Thank you and wish you the best🌺

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@Princelys, congrats.
Could you share your case details too? It will help the community greatly.

Good day, guys,

As for me I first go to know about the Visa route from some videos on Youtube, I did a lot of Research myself for about 1 Month, and I also received several insights and information later on from this forum,
I applied as a software engineer, with my Startup Company, I have also been able to raise some investments for my company, previously; I have started about 3 Startup Company’s, I failed in my first 2 startups, while the third was successful,

I have organized several programs, tech events, and youth conferences, I have been featured on Television programs, Radio Programs, I was awarded the Tech Personality of the Week, by my country’s National Television Authority, I was inducted into some Tech Agencies & Community, I have been invited several times to talk about tech in my country, I also worked for several other startups, government agencies, and other private organizations,

I applied on the 29th of November 2021, I got a Rejection with a Proforma of the criteria’s I didn’t meet up with, it was shocking because the Rejection came about 3 days after applying, I felt as if there was an issue with my application or maybe my application and points highlighted in my documents wasn’t really checked, the truth was that I was afraid of applying for review because I felt I wouldn’t get it since I was rejected at first, though after researching I realized some people get their Endorsement at the Review Phase,

so I applied for review and my Endorsmenet came in on the 31st of December, it was like a late hour miracle, all thanks to God, and all thanks to the members of this forum for not hoarding information and always being available to answer and help out…

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