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Hi, I am from Pakistan and working in the largest IT company of my country Systems Limited as Consultant Data Analytics with 4 years of BI experience. I am certified MS Power BI as well. I have BSCS degree in 2019 with 3.86 CGPA. Please review my application. My experience is totally of consulting/outsource, not in product led companies.

Application as following.
1 LOR 1 from Assistant Professor of Gachon University Korea (Also in top 2% scientists, list compiled by Stanford)
2 LOR 2 from AVP of private company, previously worked with me in current company
3 LOR 3 from AVP of current company

MC Evidence
1 Salary slips, increment letters, promotion letter and high-income comparison as per average salary in Pakistan and average salary of Software Engineer

OP1: Contributions on my all 5 projects with appreciation Emails and screenshots and one project have revenue evidence as well via dashboard. Please note all 5 projects are product-based companies (which are clients of my company)

OP3: MS Azure and MS Power BI certifications + Experience letters of previous employers with salary figures

Please confirm Should I apply? As I am worried about not having experience in product companies but on the other side, my academics and profile is strong. Please advise.

@Francisca_Chiedu Please have look and advise

@deepak @alexnk Please advise

Hi kindly advise. Thank you.
@csm @May

Hi @MUHAMMADJAWAD, what you have highlighted are not enough to be endorsed. You need to provide other evidence such as open source projects, your impact in your previous or current company, media publication about your work. Mentorship programme is also a plus. Please note that certificate such as power bi etc will weaken your application and i will advise you not to add it as those certificates do not make someone a talented person. Try and go through tech nation guide again. I hope this helps

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Any update please :slight_smile: @Francisca_Chiedu

You have not read the Tech Nation guidelines clearly.

First of all, you are not eligible as you are not in working in a product-led company. Service companies such as agencies, outsourcers, marketing firms are generally not considered suitable

Read more at Tech Nation Visa Guide - Tech Nation

In case, you are eligible, your evidence still lack of a lot of details and to be considered as a strong applicant.


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