Stage2, entry date

Dear friends,
I’ve got my endorsement letter on 31st December. It is written in the email: “This endorsement is valid for 3 months from the date of this notification, and therefore you must submit an application for entry clearance or leave to remain (stage 2) within this period or the application will be refused.”
My question: I can select the UK entry date in my Visa application. Can I pick this date after the 3 months of validity? For example, my endorsement validity will finish on 30 March, can I select 30 May for entry time?
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Yes. You can state your preferred date of entry.

Congratulations mandy, that’s quite the happy new year gift

Yes. @mandy. You can even select a much later date (June if you wish) for your date of entry to the Uk based on your plans. Don’t feel pressured that you need to move within 3 months. Just note that your visa date will start counting from that time. The key thing is to submit your application within the 3 months timeline. You can take your time to plan your move.

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All above answers are correct. However make sure you complete your Stage 2 application (paid and acknowledged online) before 3 months lapses. Everything else (like biometrics appointment and entry date) can be later. Just the Stage 2 application (just the application, not the whole process) should be completed before the 90 days are up.

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