Stage2 - 3,4 or 5 years dilemma!

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This question has been asked multiple times before but just wanted to clarify this as I it seems still unclear to me. I got endorsed on Jan-25 for exceptional talent. My wife and my 7 yr old will be joining me at UK.

  1. Can I apply myself for 3 years but do the same for dependents for 5 years?
  2. The idea is that I apply for ILR at the end of 3 yrs and then do the same for dependents after 5 years (since that is when they would be eligible).

I saw some posts where people taking it for 5 years for all the three nevertheless. I understand that this gives some flexibility but apart from that is there any advantage in applying for 5 years for the primary applicant?

Dependants can only get the exact number of years as the the main applicant. You can either apply for three years for all of you then your dependant can renew their visa after two years or you apply for five years so they can get five years. If you can afford it, I recommend you do the five years for all of you. I was endorsed under exceptional talent but we paid for five years so my husband doesn’t have to renew his visa before applying for ILR.


Hello Sharath and congratulations.

You can find complete rules on this subject in the Appendix T:

GT 24.1. A partner will be granted:
(a) permission which ends on the same date as their partner’s permission on the Global Talent route; or
(b) 3 years’ permission if the partner was (or is being) granted settlement on the Global Talent route.

GT 24.2. A child will be granted permission which ends on the same date as whichever of their parents’ permission ends first, unless both parents have (or are being granted) settlement or British Citizenship, in which case the child will be granted permission for 3 years.

Therefore, the answer to your question is no.
If you apply for three years, Home Office will issue three years visa at max for your dependants. If you specify the date higher than three years (from the application date) in your dependant application, you will simply end up paying a higher IHS fee.

The benefit of applying for five years is that your dependants can apply for five years and won’t need to pay an extension and IHS fees in three years, only the ILR fee in five years.
Another benefit is letting more absence time in the first two years since the required continuous period for the ILR is only three years for you.

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Thankyou So much @Francisca_Chiedu and @Savvkin. That answers my question perfectly. I am going for the 5 years visa to avoid any hassles later.

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