Stage1: Endorsement Documents Queries

Hi. I have a lot of queries that I need help with before I start collecting the documents. This will be helpful in knowing if I have a reasonable profile to apply to UK Global Talent visa. You are requested to please answer the following queries:

  1. I worked as a Freelance Consultant for one of the very famous Online Courses Instructor who has got a very large number of students and developed a product for him that he used to manage all his students. Can I get a LOR from him or can this be used for OC3?
  2. For LOR, can I get it from the CTO of my previous company who has also switched the company now without the official letter head / logo of my previous or his current company?
  3. Can I get an LOR from a non-tech senior executive for whom I have done a project around NLP / AI / LLMs as a Freelance Consultant?
  4. Does LOR have to be from a product based company only or could it be project based work too?
  5. Can I use a 3 months old LOR that was specifically written for UK Global Talent?
  6. Can I use the LinkedIn Recommendation from one of my clients as a supporting document at some place assuming that the client has a strong presence on LinkedIn?
  7. I was associated with a MNC in the past that has offices over 50 countries. They have both products and services. The team I worked on was developing / selling a product. Will this be fine to use in MC or OC?
  8. I was part of an AI Training Program for 2 months based out of my country and got selected among a large number of candidates where we worked on a project for a Big Pharma company? Can this be used somewhere?
  9. for OC2, I have a letter from the CEO of the program I mentored in. The program was based in Germany and I have a letter for mentoring. Will this be enough for proving mentoring experience for OC2?
  10. Will it be fine if I used same company but different people vouching for different criterion of MC and OC?
  11. I am a successful freelancer on Upwork where I have been hired for 60 USD / hr too for one of the projects where I have barely worked for 100 hours. Can this be utilised as a high salary work / contract?

I would really appreciate your response on these queries. Thank you in advance!

Tech Nation guide states that outsourcing roles are not eligible. You nee to read the guide to be sure you are eligible and have the evidence to meet the criteria. Also note you can’t use a non-tech leader for your recommendation letter