Stage one: Gathering documents and evidence

Hello everyone,
I am applying for an endorsement for GTV under Academic Research.
I just concluded my final Bsc exams.
As an undergraduate, I did a lot of research in my field and I also did some presentations.
I did my IT(internship) in a federal institution for 6 months.
My supervisor holds a PhD degree and I’m sure she would be more than willing to endorse my work.
Apart from these, what other strong evidence can be used for ‘exceptional promise’? I have noticed that majority of people who are endorsed under this category have PhD degrees.
Even though I am confident in my work, I really don’t know if I stand a chance.

First of all, you need to read the exceptional promise criteria. For the community to help, it would make so much sense to list all of the evidence that you currently do have.


I suggest you start reading the guide very carefully to just gain some insights on all evidence you need to provide.
For instance, you need around 4 recommendation letters from different people who have worked with you directly and indirectly. 3 is mandatory and 1 can be provided by your supervisor or any company who is offering you a job.
Gather all your stuff together and match each of them to different criteria term which is more aligned to that evidence.

The guide states “Evidence of at least one significant contribution to the field in the form of a paper published in a top-tier peer-reviewed journal. Research undertaken as part of an undergraduate or MSc thesis does not qualify for this criteria”. So you undergraduate research may not count. It is not about being confident in your work, you are assessed based on set criteria. Doing you internship for 6 months in a federal institution may not e eligible as it is not a product-led digital technology company.

Thank you very much for your response.
But I was going to apply for endorsement under ‘academia and research’.

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Hello Good morning, Sir.
I already have my Personal Statement, CV and 2 recommendation letters from the professors in my department.
I only have a BSC degree but I have some work experience all listed in my personal statement and CV.
I want to apply under ‘academia and research’ for my research to be peer reviewed.