Stage 2 - Completing Application

Hi all! Just got my Exceptional Promise endorsement!

This might be a stupid question but I don’t want to violate any rules or anything so want to be 100% certain.

I’m currently on holiday visiting family in the USA, but I have a skilled worker visa and live in London. Is it acceptable to complete stage 2 while I’m away on holiday and then just book the BRP appointment for when I’m back, or will I have trouble entering the UK again if I’ve applied?

I’m assuming it’s fine as long as the visa isn’t changed over while I’m away, right? Should I just wait the extra week until I return to London?

Could be overly cautious here, but took me over a year and a couple of tries to get the endorsement, so don’t want to mess up at the final stage. Thanks!


Hi @floridaman could you please update us with your situation?
I hope your assumption was correct?

I erred on the side of caution and waited until I was back in the UK to apply for stage 2. I only had to wait 5 days, so didn’t want to risk things over a bit of impatience and excitement!

If you’re in the same position, I might seek legal advice before doing anything. Better to ask immigration lawyers, as I’m unfortunately not qualified to give legal advice!


@floridaman ah cool! Okay thanks :slight_smile: