Stage 2 - clarifying process & realistic timeline

Hi! I just received my stage 1 endorsement (woo!) and am now hoping to confirm my understanding of stage 2 is correct & ask a couple questions.

This is my understanding of stage 2 as someone applying outside the UK (I’m in the US):

  1. Create online application, pay fees, etc, and indicate the date I plan to enter the UK on.
  2. Visit a nearby Application Support Center (ASC) to get biometrics done
  3. Send my passport, stamped appointment confirmation from the ASC, application form, and my endorsement letter to the UKVI Scanning Hub in New York (seeing this here).
  4. Once the UKVI Scanning Hub receives my things, as long as I don’t need to attend a interview or provide more info & I get approved, I’ll get my passport back in <= 3 weeks with a vignette that allows me to enter the UK for a 30 day period starting from the date I submitted in part (1)
  5. Upon arriving the UK, I must pick up the BRP as soon as possible (or after completing a required COVID quarantine if necessary). Once I have a BRP there’s nothing else to do

Assuming that understanding is correct, I’m seeking some advice with regard to the timeline. I’m hoping to enter the UK in early October, about 4-5 weeks from right now. My reasoning isn’t super pertinent, but my partner is having a university graduation ceremony in the Netherlands in mid-October that I’d like to attend. Logistically this is a bit of a pain, but in an ideal world I’d like to bring my things over to the UK in early October, pick up my BRP, and then exit the UK soon after to go to the Netherlands for the ceremony, and a few days later re-enter the UK with my BRP.

Some questions I have:

  1. Is entering the UK 4 - 5 weeks from now realistic?
  2. If for some reason I’m unable to pick up my BRP prior to leaving the UK for the Netherlands, am I still able to re-enter the UK afterward using my vignette for a second time as long as the vignette has not expired yet?
  3. If anyone has any anecdotal experience about ASCs in the US, that’s also very much appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi Trevor,

Congrats on stage 1 :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve been in the UK for a while and I did my stage 2 recently, extending my BRP with Global Talent. I can’t speak to applying from the US, but I hope the following info is still helpful.

I received my BRP within 5 days of doing my interviewing/biometrics, at my UK address, so you should factor in a week for the delivery of the BRP (I went for the expedited option). On top of this, I had a hard time finding an early appointment. The earliest biometrics/interview appointment I could find after completing stage 1 was 2 weeks later (some other centres only had openings after 4 weeks). Therefore, you should check with your local biometrics centre when the earliest available appointment is.

I’m sorry I can’t speak to re-entering the UK on the vignette.

Best of luck,

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Thanks for all the info, that’s very helpful!
I ended up submitting with an entry date of Oct 1, opted for the priority service, and was able to book a biometric appointment for Sept 7. Hoping the timing works out but if there’s a delay it certainly won’t be the end of the world :smile:

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