Stage 2 - Application, Visa and Cost

Hi Guys,

Got endorsed for exceptional talent Sept 8th… Delayed stage 2 cos my wife passport was pending. We have it now and looking to begin Stage 2 application.


  1. What is the number of years of visa given for Exceptional Talent. I know ILR is in 3yrs, i want to know the years stamped on the visa

  2. How many years of IHS is one mandated to pay

  3. Is the cost for IHS same for adult and kids?

Thank you.

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it depends of th number of years you apply for. You can apply for three or five years but you have to pay IHS based on the number of years you apply for.

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If you can afford 5 years IHS fees for both of you, do that so that your wife doesn’t have to renew her visa before she can apply for ILR. If you can’t, choose what you can afford between 1-5 years