Stage 1 - Technation Endorsement - Business Architect

Hello All,

Unable to wrap my head around the different documentations needed, requesting any guidance from this forum who could share a checklist (and key points per document) to help with my application.

This is my background -

  1. I am business architect at the current place of employment for just under 5 years.
    typical day - design (functional and solution design) of products I handle. Products I handle - CRM, value management, call center applications, AI based chat tools. I joined the org as a Manager BA, however during the course of my activities, have extended to end-to-end product design including solution architect role.
  2. I entered the IT business in Fintech and eventually moved to Retail tech. so all organizations Ive been working with are top retailers in the region.
  3. though I have 20 years experience, critical IT roles (like the ones mentioned above) only since 2011.
  4. 2011 to 2015 - have been in pure product development companies. 2015 to present in large retail firms in product and transformation roles. My role has been at the corp IT driving transformation using business critical products across the various units with the structure (typical for large retail setups)

So here are my questions:

  1. Given the above details, who would be best to get recommendation letters? given that the letters are to be from senior personnel only in the last 5 years, albeit, my role within these retail businesses are specific to their mark launch requirements? I can get letters from different leaders across the organization
  2. would this satisfy 2 mandatory requirements? I believe proof for these are to be summited as well. Would employment contract, pay stubs, increments, bonuses, etc suffice?
  3. I am a mentor for some budding product owners at IBM, can I can get letters from my mentees?
  4. otherwise, I have not published nor spoken at public forums. not sure what type of evidence I could submit as part of the application.

Any guidance is much appreciated. Apologies, if this is repeat of someone else’s request.

Have you applied? What is your endorsement detail?

Haven’t applied yet. first hurdle is the getting the recommendation letters from the right people/designations and references for OC. Hence, my post seeking guidance.