Stage 1 endorsement requirement confirmation

I am looking to apply for endorse, i have bachelor’s of science in electrical engineer, and have been working in the industry for over 20 years as hardware architect. I believe i have all the requirements, but would like to discuss and input if there is anything serious i would look into. For 10 pieces of evidence, i have some clippings for our product that i designed as architect, but my name is not in clipping, it takes about the hardware only. Also, we got an award for the mega potential in tech industry for the company as well. Would these evidence would work? Any other ideas?

@farooq0520 Hello good evening. You have to write about your input to the work, significance, impact, and get your manager to write about your contribution to the same work. If it is significant enough, the evidence would be adequately met by doing that.

thanks for info, i can get all the letters, clippings from articles, wont an award as mega potential start-up, have a patent software for the design hardware. But bot on my names i am the senior member of the startup.

@farooq0520 That’s awesome. I also included a pending patent in my application but I got my academic supervisor to write about it in the recommendation letter. [Optional criteria 3: Significant impact]. I also added key Engineer at work [Optional criteria 3: Significant impact]. All the best in your application.

can i still add the patent document and information, even if my name is not there but the company name is there?

in the application how its separated between mandatory and optional? when you are filling it out?

@farooq0520 Yes, you can so far you can get your boss to write about your contribution. If you look at the Tech Nation portal, there is a space to add the name of the documents (evidence) you want to submit to meet the mandatory and optional criteria.