Stage 1: Endorsement Received in 7 days!

Got the endorsement as an Exceptional Promise! :slight_smile:
Thanks to @alexnk, @Ido_Moshe, and @Francisca_Chiedu especially for clearing the queries in time.

My tip: Work on your strong points rather than copying any other application or document selection. And apply asap.

I applied from outside the UK.
Now what are the next steps, unable to find the exact go-to link in the Application Update email.

Thank you!


Congratulation @Godzilla

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Congratulations @Godzilla

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Congratulations @Godzilla. I hope to share my testimony here soonest :pray: :slight_smile: :rofl::+1::sparkles::muscle:

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congratulation @Godzilla

If you apply from outside of UK, you can use this guideline . It is a long form of application for you to fill in. For documents you need, you just again read through the other next pages to this guideline.

Best of luck for your stage 2 application.


@Godzilla When did you apply? Which documents have you supported?