Stage 1 Application

Hello All,

After I submitted my application on and paid the requisite fee, I saw the below message. Am I supposed to still send my evidences to the email address below after uploading them on the tech nation website?

What to do next
Application for Global Talent Endorsement – stage 1
Send us your checklist and documents
You must send us your document checklist and supporting documents as soon as possible. We cannot start processing your application until you do this.

Send by email
Send your checklist and documents by email to:

The subject line of the email must include the applicant’s:

unique application number (UAN) - this is 16 numbers starting with 1212
date of birth
Endorsing Body’s name - this is the Endorsing Body you are applying to
How to upload your documents
You must scan and upload a copy of your document checklist and supporting documents.

You are not required to do this if you applied under the digital technology category. You need to upload your documents and submit on tech nation 's website.

Thank you @Francisca_Chiedu