Stage 1 application review (Promise category)

Hey folks, I’d appreciate feedback on my current application. I have been out of school for 3 years at this point and I have worked with 3 different organizations in that period (2 big tech and 1 startup).


  • Director of engineering (startup)
  • Skip level manager (Big tech)
  • Founder of open source organization I contributed to


  • Verification of Employment (Big tech)
  • High compensation and clear upward progression of compensation year over year.
  • Contributions at current job (Big tech). (I would really appreciate any feedback on what evidence to put in here without breaking NDA)
  • Contributions to Open source organization (Both as a mentor and a contribution to the project)


  • Contributions to Open source software evidenced by github profile
  • Mentorship evidence (I was a mentor at Google Code-in where I mentored high school students)


  • Contributions at previous job (Also big tech) as evidenced by trophy I received for my performance
  • Contributions at previous job (Startup) as evidenced by employee of the quarter
  • LOR from ex-manager (skip level) (big tech)
  • LORs from peers (Senior and staff software engineers at big tech)

Any and all feedback would be appreciated. Thanks in advance everybody!

Would appreciate your feedback @Francisca_Chiedu @sojo @Shreeniwas_Iyer @han @Alex_P @Farzad_Sunavala @badesemowo @zamana @techman @Tamil_Selvan