Showing Innovation Aspect in a Product

Hi everyone,

I have been working as the manager (KTP Associate/Data Scientist) on an Innovate UK-funded (UKRI) project for about two years and launched a part of this as a product in a recent PPMA show in 2022. As per my discussions with my company, this is a first-of-its-kind product for the industry I am working in but I am not sure what evidences do I need to collect to support the claim that this is innovative. I believe, even being funded by UKRI should be evidence for this to be innovative but I would like to get opinions from others here.

Any guidance in this regard will be highly appreciated.

Have you thought of applying for global Talent under UKRi.

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Do you mean through the Peer Review route?

If yes, I did. But my Peer review application is recently rejected by RAEng because I did not had a PhD.

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@Francisca_Chiedu There is an endorsed funder route of UKRI but it requires you to have at least 12 months left in your role which I don’t satisfy as my current contract is left with less than 2 months.

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