Should I go Exceptional talent or promise?

Hey guys, I have more than 5 years experience (Senior strategic manger in Adtech/ digital marketing, so it’s a business role) but I feel my evidence might not be strong enough for exception talent due to one of my optional criteria (outside work.)

Do you suggest I apply for exceptional promise (as we know the standard is lower) and let Tech nation decide which endorsement I will get?

I’m worried I my just get rejected if I go for exceptional talent without sufficient evidence, but there is a chance I can be “upgraded” from promise to talent if TN recognize the evidence I provide ( seen someone in this forum sharing this case already.)

One of my optional criteria is about contributions outside my daily work; I did have an online webinar invited by a well known national tech uni (while it’s not only open to students, many digital experts attended too.) I have more than 100 attendees virtually mainly due to the covid restriction in my country so the offline attendees are less than 30, but in total is >100. I have the full online recording to prove but it seems TN expects the speecher to stand onto a main stage; I’m not sure if they see my recording not sufficient and I may fail this criteria.

There is a statement on the guideline:

Tech Nation’s independent panel of assessors will determine whether, overall, they consider that the applicant should be endorsed and for which route.

Cus I haven’t seen anyone sharing they’re “downgraded” from a talent to promise but I did see someone is “upgraded” from a promise to a talent, so I’m not sure if it’s safer to just apply exceptional promise no matter how many years of experience I have.

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As the instruction in the guide states, if you have less than 5 years - promise, more than 5 - talent.

The accessors would decide where you’ll be endorsed in at the end.
Some people have applied for talent and got endorsed for promise and vice versa.

See examples
[talent but got promise]

[promise but got talent]

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Thank you @Victrr for the examples!

@Victrr have u seen any feedback in this forum saying we by TN moved applicants from exceptional talent to promise?

I’ve not seen such, you can search the forum too